Some companies have built a reputation for being able to consistently manage projects effectively. However, there are even more organizations that have a spotty record at best. Typical signs of inadequate project management processes include:


  • Project management is reactive and not seen as providing value.
  • The time required to manage projects proactively is not built into the workplan because it is considered overhead.
  • Project teams achieve some level of success, but only through heavy stress and overtime work throughout the project.
  • Projects are often completed late, go over budget, or do not meet the functionality requirements of the end users.
  • Limited standard processes and techniques used inconsistently by project managers.


An appropriate level of project management discipline can overcome these shortcomings. Of course, having good project management skills does not mean that there won't be any problems.


Rather, it just means that there are standard tools and techniques in place to help deal with all issues that arise. Project management is a science in that it relies on proven and repeatable processes and techniques to achieve success. However, it is also an art because it involves managing and connecting with people, and requires the project manager to apply intuitive skills in situations that are unique for each project."




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